24 April 2009 WASTELAND Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

DJ Strange 10 - 10:30 p.m.:

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Ornaments Of Gold
Red Temple Spirits: Dreamings Ending
Lux Interna: Into Nothing
Thanatos: Splinters
Audra: What Thine Eyes Had Seen
Swans: The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed By The Sea
Deine Lakaien: Wasted Years
Curious: Slowly Decaying

DJ Medusa 10:30 p.m.-12 midnight:

The Cure: Like Cockatoos
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Killing The Light
Depeche Mode: Fragile Tension
She Wants Revenge: These Things
Recoil: Edge To Life
Clan Of Xymox: Masquerade
The Jesus & Mary Chain: Just Like Honey
Gene Loves Jezebel: Who Wants To Go To Heaven?
Longwave: Wake Me When It's Over
Peter Murphy: Blind Sublime
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Fireworks
Xmal Deutschland: Eisengrau
Love & Rockets: Mirror People
Patricia Morrison: Reflection
Sunshine Blind: Is There
Curve: Doppelganger
The Sisters Of Mercy: When You Don't See Me
The Cult: Rain
Gossamer: Resurrection Resurrected
Rosetta Stone: An Eye For The Main Chance
Specimen: Hex
Children On Stun: Sidelined
The Wake: Sideshow
Altered States: Lowlife

DJ Strange 12 - 1 a.m.:

Cockatoo: Otto's Song
Specimen: Nothing Lasts Forever
The Sisters Of Mercy: Alice
The Merry Thoughts: Chant
Bauhaus: Ziggy Stardust
Peter Murphy: Final Solution
Danse Society: The Hurt
Carcrash International: Paradise Lost
Two Witches: Requiem
Virgin Prunes: Baby Turns Blue
New Model Army: Here Comes The War (DJ Strange Edit)
Zuruck Placenta: Jalousie Ennemie
London After Midnight: America's A F***ing Disease
Julian Cope: World Shut Your Mouth

DJ Medusa 1 - 2 a.m.:

The Chameleons: One Flesh
The Horatii: Annaline
The Cure: Pictures Of You
The Sisters Of Mercy: Flood II
Clan Of Xymox: Jasmine & Rose
Depeche Mode: Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)
She Wants Revenge: Out Of Control
London After Midnight: Kiss
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Cities In Dust
The Cure: Just Like Heaven
Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Peter Murphy: Cuts You Up

DJ Strange 2 - 3 a.m.:

The Sisters Of Mercy: Black Planet
Bauhaus: She's In Parties
Visage: Fade To Grey
Zero Le Creche: Last Year's Wife
HIM: Join Me In Death
Carcrash International: Last Remains
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Israel
Clan Of Xymox: This World
Ghost Of Lemora: The Ground Beneath Our Feet
Dead Can Dance: Spirit
Moev: Yeah Whatever
Bauhaus: In Fear Of Fear
Lestat: ?

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