29 July 2011 WASTELAND Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

DJ Strange 9:30 - 10.30 p.m.:

Frustration: On The Rise
The House Of Usher: To The Glorious Dead (Edit)
Death In June: Holy Water
Louisa John-Kroll: Alice In The Garden Of Live Flowers
Mirah: The Garden
Fading Colours: In This Garden Of Mine
The Marionettes: Savage Garden
Postscriptum: Your Eyes
The Mission: Lose Myself In You
The Razor Skyline: Vittoria
Clan Of Xymox: Calling You Out
The Merciful Nuns: Body Of Light

DJ Medusa 10.30 p.m.- 12 midnight:

The Cure: The Big Hand
The Gathering: Shortest Day
Tamaryn: Return To Surrender
Melissa Auf Der Maur: Out Of Our Minds
Depeche Mode: Halo
The Merry Thoughts: The Sun And The Rainfall
The Sisters Of Mercy: I Was Wrong
The Chameleons: Here Today
Joy Division: Leaders Of Men
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Christine
Alien Sex Fiend: Nightmare Zone
Bauhaus: Dark Entries
The Damned: Smash It Up
The Cult: Spiritwalker
The Sound: Skeletons
The Cure: A Night Like This
Peter Murphy: Deep Ocean Vast Sea
The Sisters Of Mercy: Dominion/Mother Russia (Edit)
London After Midnight: Spider And The Fly
The Wake: Christine (Re-mix 2.3 wHATEver)
Rosetta Stone: Adrenaline
Curve: Doppelganger
The Mission: Wasteland
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Fear (Of The Unknown)

DJ Strange 12 - 1 a.m.:

Redemption: Times Like These (Club Edit)
Dommin: My Heart, Your Hands
Pretentious, Moi?: Living Dead & Undecided
Corpus Delicti: Patient
Bauhaus: She's In Parties
Cinema Strange: Greensward Grey
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Cities In Dust
Clan Of Xymox: This World
The Merry Thoughts: Pale Empress
London After Midnight: Kiss
Screams For Tina: Chrysanthemum
Dead Can Dance: Spirit

DJ Medusa 1 - 2 a.m.:

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Face To Face
Switchblade Symphony: Clown
Virgin Prunes: Baby Turns Blue
Sex Gang Children: Guy Wonder
Joy Division: She's Lost Control
The Cure: Charlotte Sometimes
Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill
Clan Of Xymox: Louise
The Sisters Of Mercy: Lucretia My Reflection
The Merry Thoughts: Chant
The Sisterhood: Giving Ground
Public Image Ltd.: The Order Of Death
Iggy Pop: Endless Sea

DJ Strange 2 - 2:30 a.m.:

Bauhaus: The Passion Of Lovers
Play Dead: Propaganda
Death In June: Nothing Changes
Diva Destruction: The Broken Ones
HIM: Funeral Of Hearts
Secrecy: Wonderful Life
Christian Death: Death Wish (Wishful Death)
Fields Of The Nephilim: Preacher Man

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