24 September 2010 WASTELAND Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

DJ Strange 10 - 10.30 p.m.:

Siddal: Pontius
RAIJ: Shadowlands
Fields Of The Nephilim: Psychonaut Lib I
Red Temple Spirits: Dreamings Ending
Zadera: Venom
Faith & The Muse: Trauma Coil
Usherhouse: Permanent Red
The 69 Eyes: Radical

DJ Medusa 10.30 p.m.- 12 midnight:

Icehouse: Icehouse
The Cure: The Big Hand
Switchblade Symphony: Night Shift
The Creatures: Exterminating Angel
The Sisterhood: Colours
The Sound: Winning
Signal & Report: Molting
Blacklist: Shock In The Hotel Falcon
Joy Division: Passover
Play Dead: Sin Of Sins
Love & Rockets: Ball Of Confusion
The Damned: Anything
Screams For Tina: Eleven Eleven
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Monitor
Xmal Deutschland: Mondlicht
Sunshine Blind: Regoddles
The Sisters Of Mercy: Lucretia My Reflection
London After Midnight: Kiss
The Cure: Just Like Heaven

DJ Strange 12 - 1 a.m.:

Peter Murphy: Cuts You Up
The Mission: Wasteland
Dommin: Tonight
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Cities In Dust
The Merry Thoughts: Second Generation
Bauhaus: She's In Parties
HIM: Funeral Of Hearts
The Cure: A Night Like This
Gary Numan: Absolution
Clan Of Xymox: Stranger
The Sisters Of Mercy: Alice
The Cult: She Sells Sanctuary
Star Industry: The Spirits Within

DJ Medusa 1 - 2 a.m.:

Pretentious, Moi?: Now And Again
Ikon: A Line On A Dark Day
Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Siouxsie & The Banshees: The Passenger
The Bolshoi: Away II
London After Midnight: Where Good Girls Go To Die
Switchblade Symphony: Clown
Depeche Mode: Halo
Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill
Xymox: Obsession
The Psychedelic Furs: House
The Chameleons: In Shreds
The Cure: Push
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Peek-A-Boo

DJ Strange 2 - 2:30 a.m.:

The Wake: Christine (Re-mix 2.3 wHATEver)
The Gathering: Shortest Day
Sirenia: The Other Side
Charon: Colder
Ikon: A Line On A Dark Day
Zero Le Creche: Last Year's Wife
The Daughters Of Bristol: Promise Land

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