28 September 2007 WASTELAND Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

DJ Strange 10-11 p.m.:

Mila Mar: Der Wurm
In The Nursery: Qui Mal
Der Blutharsch: VIII
Thanatos: My Love Is Death
Talisker Tale: Alone
Lisa Gerrard: Swans
Qntal: Stella Splendens
The Marionettes: Savage Garden
RAIJ: Le Monde Du Silence
Clair Obscur: Die Kinder Sind Allein
Louisa John-Krol: Blackbird
Mephisto Walz: In The Room That Love Exists
Born For Bliss: Arabia
Lycia: The Return Of Nothing

DJ Medusa 11 p.m.-12 midnight:

Enigma: Sadeness
Recoil: Edge To Life
Clan Of Xymox: Obsession
Gossamer: Run
Peter Murphy: Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Talk About The Weather
The Sisters Of Mercy: Floorshow
Altered States: Lowlife
Spiral Of Silence: Dead Souls
Love Is Colder Than Death: Down And Out
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Sleepwalking On The High Wire
Xmal Deutschland: Dreamhouse
Concrete Blonde: Caroline
Xymox: Imagination

DJ Strange 12-1 a.m.:

Danse Society: Heaven Is Waiting (12")
Ghost Of Lemora: The Glamour
Sex Gang Children: Guy Wonder
Tiamat: Brighter Than The Sun
London After Midnight: The Spider & The Fly
Corpus Delicti: Broken
Screams For Tina: 11:11
The Mission: Raising Cain
Ministry: Revenge
Rosetta Stone: An Eye For The Main Chance
The Merry Thoughts: Pale Empress
The Sisters Of Mercy: Gimme Shelter
Ikon: Stranger I've Become
The Chameleons: Don't Fall
New Model Army: Vengeance

DJ Medusa 1-2 a.m.:

Clan Of Xymox: Stumble And Fall
The Cure: Push
The Wake: An Immaculate Conception
Love & Rockets: All In My Mind
Kate Bush: Hounds Of Love
New Order: In A Lonely Place
Lestat: ?
The Daughters Of Bristol: Take You Away
Switchblade Symphony: Clown
Depeche Mode: Walking In My Shoes
The Sisters Of Mercy: Lucretia My Reflection

DJ Strange 2-3 a.m.:

The Chameleons: Swamp Thing
Allegory: Memory
Dead Can Dance: Spirit
Deine Lakaien: Away
Bauhaus: Slice Of Life
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Dazzle
Moev: Wanting
Death In June: Nothing Changes
C.A.I. 777: Azag Toth
The Awakening: Dark Romantics (Single Version)
The Wake: Harlot
Zero Le Crash: Last Year's Wife
Suspiria: Dancefloor Tragedy (Travesty)
Visage: Der Amboss

DJ Medusa 3-4 a.m.:

Warsaw: Living In The Ice Age
Boys Next Door: Shivers
Switchblade Symphony: Night Shift
O.M.D.: Statues
Gene Loves Jezebel: Who Wants To Go To Heaven
Clan Of Xymox: Masquerade
Pet Shop Boys: This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave
The Sisters Of Mercy: Driven Like The Snow
P.I.L.: The Order Of Death
Mephisto Walz: Alle In Asche
Handful Of Snowdrops: Now, Then And Forever
Depeche Mode: But Not Tonight
Interpol: Leif Erikson
Q Lazarus: Goodbye Horses
The Chameleons: P.S. Goodbye
Peter Murphy: Indigo Eyes

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