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DJ Medusa


space DJ Medusa has been DJ'ing for over 22 years and so now, it is second nature. And hopefully she will have a chance to DJ for you soon!



DJ Strange space
space A natural born music fan, with a penchant for the odd and unusual, with his first musical experience from an odd assortment of '50's and '60's rock records to his early musical purchases in the late '70's of new wave and alternative rock. DJ Strange's initial introduction to D.C. club land promotions came in the late '90's with his loose association with The Conspiracy and their weekly event at Club Heaven, Armageddon. A founding member of Medusa Promotions in 2000, DJ Strange's first DJ appearance was actually four years prior in 1996 at a Cure tribute party in honor of the release of "Wild Mood Swings," when he was unwittingly lured into the cold glow of the CD changer by DJ Medusa. He has continued to bring his quirky style of music and fashion to various venues and nights in Washington, D.C. including the infamous "24 Hour Party People" film release party at The Metro Café, SACCHARINE at Zucchabar, CHANGES (a David Bowie tribute night) at The Rock & Roll Hotel, and is a current Medusa Promotions resident.